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Air freshener / Deodorizer Spray

Aerosol air freshener / deodorizer spray replaces staleness and odors with a fresh, clean scent – 12/Case.​

All-purpose cleaner

This multi-surface, all-purpose cleaner and degreaser can be used for a wide variety of cleaning applications. This professional formula deep-cleans and remove grease and soils without leaving a residue film behind.


This powerful, hospital-grade bleach deodorizes, disinfects, removes tough stains, whitens clothes and is ultra-germicidal.


Heavy-duty degreaser provides advanced anti-grease agents that quickly penetrate through tough soils and grease. This solvent-based degreaser provides a non-corrosive formula that is easy on the hands and yet delivers quality results.

Glass & Surface Cleaner

This glass and surface cleaner is powered by Ammonia-D which provides fast, easy cleaning without leaving a film or streaking. It is also safe to clean chrome, stainless steel, plexiglas and other hard surfaces.

Dish Detergent

Premium dishwashing detergent leaves dishes sparkling clean and film-free. It powers through the toughest grease and is ideal for cleaning heavily encrusted pots and pans.

Spray Disinfectant

Commercial-grade deodorizing disinfectant aerosol spray is formulated for virucidal, fungicidal, and bactericidal efficacy. Eliminates odors and prevents the growth of mold and mildew.

Ice Melt

Top-shelf ingredients are blended to ensure synergistic, fast-acting melting power.


Oil-Dri premium absorbent soaks up mixtures of soluble oils, acids, paints, inks, water and other liquids.


Floor, garage and angle brooms available with metal, wooden or fiberglass handles.

Sweeping Compound

Commercial sweeping compound is designed to prevent a slippery surface and controls dust during sweeping. Useful on all hard floors, including cement, concrete, unfinished wood and marble surfaces.


Available in plastic or steel, for all type of towel’s folds and sizes, also toilet tissue dispensers are available as a manual or hands-free.

Soap and Lotion

We carry top brands of antibacterial hand soap that is formulated to moisturize and condition skin. It comes in an individual durable bottle with an easy-to-use pump or in a convenient gallon container for dispenser’s refill, available by the case.

Soap Pads Hotel Size

Hotel Size Soap Pads Specifically designed for restaurant and institutional use.

Toilet Tissue

Premium individually wrapped 2-ply standard toilet paper rolls, 2-ply jumbo & 2-ply jumbo JR toilet paper rolls are available by the case.


M-fold (Multi-fold) and C-fold white heavy weight paper towels. Center pull with a 2-ply rolls and an essential hard roll paper towels are all available by the case.

Urinal Screen and Bowel Blocks​

Clean control urinal screen with a non-para deodorizer block is water-activated to keep restrooms smelling fresh and clean.

Janirotial supplies
We carry top brands for all products to ensure the highest quality within a reasonable budget
safety supplies
Beard Guard

This beard cap controls facial hair from contaminating food and beverage. Made of breathable material, it allows employees to feel comfortable while wearing them for extended periods of time. ​

Bouffant cap

Bouffant cap prevents employees’ hair from contaminating food and beverage. Available in white or blue.

Ear Plugs

Seal the ear canal with soft, slow-recovery foam for excellent noise reduction and comfort.

Face Masks

Disposable 3-ply ear loop face masks available in blue.​


Our gloves come in all sizes from S to XL and in a variety of materials to support your needs. Choose from latex, vinyl, nitrile and powder-free. We also carry string knit work gloves, blue palm and premium-grain leather-palm gloves for extra abrasion resistance to protect hands while tackling tough tasks.​

Safety Glasses

Stylish clear safety glasses offer exclusive duramass scratch-resistant lens coating. Its flexible temple is designed for a comfortable fit. One size fit all.​


Protective sleeves provide additional protection on the job. Comfortable fit. adjusts easily for assorted sizes.

Cone Cups

These rolled rim paper cone cups have a tight-seal seam to protect against leaks. Available in 4-oz.

Foam Cups

Maintain the proper serving temperature of hot or cold beverages while keeping hands comfortable on the outside. Available in white 6, 8 and 10-oz. sizes.​

Paper Cups

These paper cups are available in 8 and 10-oz sizes and have protective, durable sidewall strength to handle hot beverages.

food supplies

Our wide inventory of food and safety items bring you high-quality brands at economical rates with fast turnaround times.

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