Packaging Materials

stretch wrap


Our machine-stretched and hand-stretched films are cost efficient and designed to expedite wrapping large quantities of products while maintaining the consistency of the palletization process with precision. All films are available in the most common sizes, in both cast and blown versions, with varying cling types. All film is provided on rolls and available by the case or in pallet quantities.

shrink wrap


Our line of shrink wrap is among the leading lines of premium shrink film in the packaging industry. It’s engineered to make your packaging look its absolute best, while providing unmatched value, versatility and durability. All film is provided on rolls and available by the case or in pallet quantities.

bubble wrap


Our bubble wrap absorbs bumps and shocks with air-filled bubbles. It is lightweight and won’t add to your shipping costs. Our rolls are available in 12”, 24”and 48” widths. Thickness ranges from 3/16” for small items, 5/16” for general purpose cushioning and 1/2” for large items. 

foam wrap


Foam Wrap is one of the most cost-effective and underutilized packing tools. Foam Wrap provides protection and lightweight cushioning at affordable pricing. We provide a variety of foam wraps in different sizes at competitive prices.

corrugated boxes


Our industry-standard corrugated boxes are available for immediate delivery as single wall, double wall and multi depth. We also carry corrugated sheets and packing boxes. Our stock includes the most popular sizes for shipping, storing and product packaging. Cartons are sold in bundle quantities.

corrugated rolls


These flexible, corrugated rolls conform to all shapes and sizes and provide shock-absorbing cushioning and crush resistance. The most popular sizes are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

kraft paper


Kraft paper rolls are natural void fillers and ideal for wrapping boxes, protecting parts or for layering. They are biodegradable, easily recyclable, and available upon request in various weights and sizes.

newsprint wrap


This unprinted sheet of packing papers is the most economical way in protecting the contents of the boxes. Most common uses are to wrap fragile items or by crinkling and rolling to fill the void.

styrofoam chips


Lightweight, low cost and versatile protection keeps items in place with interlocking capabilities. It’s the most efficient way to protect your items within the shipper box.

bubble bags and mailers


All of our bubble bags and mailers are lined with a full sheet of bubbles on the inside to protect your valuable items from being damaged. Bubble bags and mailers are best-known as providing the most effective method for both the protection and stabilization of your product. The most popular sizes are in stock and available for immediate delivery.



We carry a selection of polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET) and steel strapping in a variety of tensile strengths, widths, and core sizes depending on your application.



Secure packages with bulk cotton twine or polymer fiber, available in different lengths, strengths, natural or poly plies. Each bulk order comes with safe load weight ratings for strapping boxes, large containers and pallets.

cable ties


We have a full line of zip ties / cable ties in a wide variety of materials, colors, styles and size options to meet your specific application needs.

Every company’s packaging needs are unique and depend upon many variables. The experts at Atlas can help you find the right packaging solution to ensure successful fulfillment of your goals.

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